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Teeth and Gum Diseases in Dogs

PARAGON Toothbrush Med Bag 14pc

Promote dental hygiene and independence by allowing your dog to brush his own teeth. PARAGON toothbrush treats work to clean your pet’s teeth when the...

Reg.Price 11.77
Our Price 10.70

PARAGON Toothbrush XLg Bag 3pc

Let your dog brush his own teeth for a change! PARAGON Toothbrush XL includes edible brushes designed to help clean teeth and freshen breath.

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Our Price 11.40

PARAGON Toothbrush Lg Bag 7pc

Use Paragon Star Toothbrushes to maintain better dental health and fresher breath in your dog.

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Our Price 11.80

PARAGON Toothbrush XSm Bag 50pc

These tasty treats act like toothbrushes as they promote dental cleanliness.

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Our Price 12.20